Access Path Control and Student Management Integration


EEF is the most powerful force backing UK manufacturing; everything it does is designed to help manufacturing businesses evolve, innovate and compete in a fast-changing world.

With its unique combination of business services, government representation and industry intelligence, no other organisation is better placed to provide the skills, knowledge and networks that the UK manufacturing industry requires to thrive.

After Paxton‘s Net2 Access Control system was fitted into its newly built, state of the art, technology training centre in Birmingham, EEF wanted to bring the same cutting edge ideology that serves the British manufacturing industry to its access control. Intreba was contacted to further extend the functionality of EEF’s Net2 Access Control system and integrate it with the existing student management system; Compass CC’s ProSolution.

Intreba approached this project in two stages. The first being the construction of Controlled Access Path, software that allows EEF to intelligently select access points that its students must register at before they are granted access to the rest of the site, allowing EEF to direct its users to designated entry points at the beginning of the day.

Intreba constructed ProSolution Student Registration, software that integrates EEF’s physical Net2 Access Control system with its ProSolution student management system. Intreba’s bespoke software bridges the gap between these two systems, allowing the students to use their access fobs to register for each lesson at specially designated readers within each classroom and making global time and attendance information available for reporting.

With Intreba, EEF was able to unify its student management and access control systems, bringing them together to work in compliment.

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