Bespoke Timesheet and Overtime Management

Designplan Lighting

Designplan Lighting has been making weather and vandal resistant luminaires for fifty years. It specialises in making dependable, cost-effective and simple to maintain light fittings that are fit for deployment in transport, social housing, custodial, secure healthcare and urban environments.

With a move to a new premises, secured by a new Paxton Net2 Access Control system, Designplan wanted to bridge the gap between its physical time and attendance points, now powered by Net2 Timesheet, and an existing Moorepay payroll system with a timesheet application that allows them to easily view shifts worked in a week, as well as authorise staff overtime.

Working from a list of required features and an explanation of the overtime logic, Intreba developed in an agile manner to develop and test the application in rapid burst cycles, working intelligently with Designplan to gain further detail on specific areas as the development progressed.

The finished application features a custom interface that imports time and attendance data from Net2 to allow independent authorisation of both morning and evening overtime, the handling of multiple shift patterns, each with their own overtime rules, and is also able to configure additional shifts patterns and rulesets.

Functionality such as auto-saving of records, searching based on fiscal weeks or user name, the displaying of users that have not yet been processed and the ability to output both a user readable summary and a Moorepay formatted payroll file completed the rich feature set of the software.

Comprehensive testing of a vast number of logic scenarios ensured that the overtime calculations matched Designplan’s initial requirements and that any additional rule requirements unconvered during development did not affect the existing calculations, leaving the finished product highly polished and of huge time-saving benefit.

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