SRN-4000 NVR Integration for Net2 Access Control

Samsung Techwin

Samsung Techwin has leveraged outstanding technological competencies to emerge as a global leader in energy and safety solutions. It believes creating new paradigms that are a step ahead of changing times is the only way to sustain growth and elevate customer value in today’s fast-paced business environment.

With a desire to integrate its NVR (Network Video Record)/DVR (Digital Video Recorder) products with Paxton‘s Net2 Access Control, Samsung Techwin issued requests for tender out for the development. Intreba was successful in winning the tender process and set about integrating the Samsung SRN-4000 using Net2 Access Control version 5’s new Video Integration Platform.

Using a wide range of technologies, Intreba developed a processor efficient auto-switching H.264 and MJPEG decoding platform, that neatly ties multiple camera streams from the NVR-4000 into the Video Integration Platform control set and allowing full control of the footage from within Net2 Access Control.

Configured and operated from within Net2 Access Control with the same familiarity as Paxton’s pre-existing DVR integration options, Intreba’s SRN-4000 integration allowing any given Net2 event to act as a timestamped trigger to show the corresponding for the door. This provides the Net2 operator with the opportunity to see exactly what occurred at the location from within the Net2 interface.

Intreba’s NVR-4000 integration for Net2 brings further security benefits to sites looking for the cumulative quality benefits of Net2 Access Control and Samsung’s NVR hardware.

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